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Team-Building Funshops

Team Retreats

Team Retreats: Your next retreat doesn't have to suck! We can work to create a customized agenda together, and then I'll use my facilitation skills to help you and your team  achieve your specific goals!


Funshops: I use my "5 Types of Funshops" strategy to tailor all content to meet your desired outcomes. We can focus on any combination of the following: Bond, Brainstorm, Create, Plan, Solve

Performance Playground

Performance Playground: This is a fun management training program (co-facilitated with my colleague, Van Lai-Dumone at Worksmart) that helps you put all the pieces together through play and creativity. Click HERE for more details.

One-on-One Support

"Coachultant" Sessions

Coachultant Sessions: If you're in charge of your team's culture in some capacity (professional development, annual retreat, onboarding, training, etc.), I can help you think outside the box on how to generate excitement and engagement.

Job / Interview Prep

Job / Interview Prep: Looking for a new job can be daunting. I'll help you assess your strengths and prep for the most common interview questions so you can land that awesome new gig!

Salary Negotiations

Salary Negotiations: Don't leave money on the table! This is a one-hour session that will teach you how to negotiate for what you're worth!

Speaking Engagements

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker: Membership associations, classrooms, you name it!

Panel Moderator

Panel Moderator: Every panel needs a good moderator who can keep the panel on track, ask good questions, and the people in the back of the room can hear no problem.


Keynotes: Conferences, graduations, or other major events that require an expert public speaker...

I do my best work in front of an audience!

Event MC Services

& Galas

Fundraisers & Galas: Corporate, non-profit, private... let's do this!

Corporate Kickoffs

Corporate Kickoffs: I'm talking your quarterly/annual company wide meetings: Sales Kickoffs, etc.

Custom Events 

Custom Events: I've hosted everything from Talent Shows to Trivia Competitions to Talk Shows to Camp Color Wars, so no matter what type of event you're looking to do, let's talk!

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