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Jacob Lawrence, M.Ed.

Jacob Lawrence is a Team-Building Workshop Facilitator, Event MC, and Speaker who utilizes his “part entertainer, part educator” style to engage with audiences. He is the founder of I Make Work Fun where he hosts events and facilitates a variety of "Funshops" (because who wouldn't choose a funshop over a workshop?!) focused on company culture and team dynamics.


With a contagious and positive personality, Jacob thrives on bringing joy to others. His comfort zone is in front of people, putting a smile on their face. His expertise covers team-building activities, management training, and company culture.


Jacob is out to prove that work and fun are NOT opposites. With his Team-Building Funshops, Jacob creates an environment that blends fun with professional development. Through interactive discussions and activities, he demonstrates how strategic fun can be the key to addressing major engagement and retention issues in the workplace.


Jacob’s Event MC style mixes energy, interactive elements, and humor into everything in order to be as captivating as possible. As a natural public speaker, Jacob is rarely more comfortable than when he is on a stage in front of a large audience.


Jacob has hosted over 50 events, facilitated over 50 training sessions, and led hundreds of team-building activities. He holds an M.Ed. in Higher Education from North Carolina State University and a B.A. in Interpersonal Communication from Bowling Green State University.


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All Videos

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Kate E.

Jacob was such an incredible, inspirational retreat facilitator. He really took the time to understand our retreat goals, get to know the team, and develop unique exercises that were fun and insightful. We loved working with him and would recommend him immensely!

Jaymie R.

Jacob Lawrence is a tour de force when it comes to public speaking, creating content and building teams!  I've seen strength in his communication skills and public speaking with a larger audience (about 250 customers). I've also been a part of the audience Jacob has directed, as Jacob created a retreat program for the team, that helped us have a better understanding of our teammates and help shape the company culture.  Would recommend Jacob for creation of your next team building event!

Carson A.

I highly recommend working with Jacob as you pursue a new role. He helped me prepare for a big interview and shared key tips and tricks that I leveraged throughout my conversations with potential employers. I felt extremely prepared for my interviews after working with Jacob, and his wisdom helped me navigate some challenging questions from the interviewees.

Nicole K.

Jacob's salary negotiation training was absolutely invaluable. He is so knowledgable and walks through every step in a way that is easy to understand. I have referred back to his materials so many times, for both salary negotiations and even for negotiations of a different kind. This is a skill that is really hard to learn and rarely taught. I am so grateful for all of Jacob's help and know I can always turn to him if I run into questions or issues in the future.



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